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Geriatric Wish Foundation Re do (1) (1)

The Geriatric Wish Foundation

Dollz By Dezign Contributor

Geriatric Wish Foundation Re do (1) (1)

The Geriatric Wish Foundation

Dollz By Dezign Contributor

In all the years I have been riding I honestly, cannot give you an exact count of how many times I have been sitting at a light waiting for it to change, or riding down the road with my girls, even at times by myself, and interact with women who represent our parents and grandparents age. They always seem to take notice of you and slow down, follow you for a bit, and take their time to flash you a great big smile, and give you the thumbs up, as the times are to many to count.

I love this generations stories and could listen for hours. Listening to them as the share and reflect on the stories of their past could be the key to inflicting the wisdom necessary to helping women today live through their struggles. I truly enjoy their stories, but this belief that they lived their best life possible was furthest from the truth. The more stories I listen or listened to, the more I realize how many women, not only from my generation, but also from theirs, have not experienced life to the fullest.

What’s that term you hear all the time, “Live each day like it’s your last”? As time has past, and the more stories I hear about how many restrictions women lived with, and are still living with because of past beliefs, is that living each day was only the life you were allowed to live, not a life you wanted to live by your choices.

Being declared an actual person in 1929, having the right to vote in 1960 and actually being a part of having rights in our Canadian Human Rights Act in 1977, is largely a part of why women have not lived the life they have always wanted. Even though these factors have helped us along the way possess some form of equality, we still act how we were taught to because of our rights as women in the past, and the stigma that follows us for being born a girl.

This is the idea from where the Geriatric Wish Foundation came from. Giving these women the opportunity to do the things they have always wanted. We realize there are limits to what we can give, but even the littlest thing that these women have on their bucket list, would mean the world to them.

I myself would not want to die knowing I had not at least tried something when I could have, so just like the Childrens Miracle Network, this is for the women who have worked so hard to raise us, and who did not have the opportunity to stand up for themselves. Its for the women who did not have the life they deserved.

If you would like to take part of our up and coming Geriatric Wish Foundation Program, whether you know a woman who would benefit from this or have an idea, skillset to help, or have the ability to sponsor this program in anyway, please submit your details through our volunteer or sponsor links. We are just in the beginning stages of this project and we need you to help make this a reality, and to make a difference in one other woman’s life.

Together we can make the difference.

Much Love Skully

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