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What does it take to make and be the best version of yourself possible? It takes standing alone.

Standing alone takes a great amount of inner strength. Put aside self doubt and mental hesitations and you have what I call, “a warrior of heart and of mind”. Confidence, also is a key ingredient into making yourself. The best version of yourself possible.

For a significant amount of time in my life I looked for my confidence within others. For example, my father and my boyfriends. But in all reality, in my hand of cards I gripped, I had to finally come to terms and tell myself, only I, Jade Elieff, held that one card that could bring me the security to exude self confidence and self love.

Loyalty, so crucial in creating the version of oneself. Some may think loyalty to yourself, huh? Be loyal to loving yourself. No one in this world will love you more, than you. Be loyal in believing in yourself and remembering any obstacles, life lessons, that have been brought your way and have taken place, to help create the best you possible.

So love yourself. Humility, be humble, nothing speaks volumes, more than humility and respect for oneself and others around you and most importantly be faithful. Be faithful in how you carry yourself daily, how you put time into yourself daily and how you invest your time with others in your life. Set the bar high for yourself! Settle for nothing less. Being alone and facing this world head on shows POWER, STRENGTH, SECURITY,  and SELF LOVE. Choose your battles wisely in life and when you do all the ingredients to “ being the best version of yourself possible “ IS POSSIBLE”!!!! Until my next blog…

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