BOS: Why the choice of name?

Why the choice of name? Within the motorcycle community there are many crews and varying structures among these crews. BOS decided to go with a name that, as service oriented riders and people, we felt we could fully embody. The crew wanted to have a connection within ourselves and within our communities that was a deeper bond than just riding motorcycles together. For anyone who rides a motorcycle they will know that the bond between riders is a deep oasis but we wanted to attempt to go to new depths. There is a saying out there that says “nothing great happens without a team” and to go further I believe there is no greater bond than that of a team which accomplish great things together.

Beyond Our Streets is a crew that is dedicated to lending a hand to our community in any way possible. We are looking to create a little ripple in the water and leave a lasting impression on whoever we come across. We are currently involved with various charities and endeavours, which I will share more with you as the site develops. For now I will leave you with this small window into our perspective of what it means to be Beyond Our Streets.

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