My Greatest Lesson

What is the greatest lesson a woman should learn?

“It is that since day one she has already had everything she needs within herself, it is the world that convinced her she did not.”
-Rupi Kaur

Sharing this mindset, this mantra, has become a life goal of mine. Women have been pitted against one another for far too long. In my opinion one of the driving forces of this is the fear of the power, determination and strength that will be the reality, no, that is becoming the reality and the force that is getting harder to ignore. We are discovering that our common ground greatly outweighs our differences, that our struggles and our adversaries lose strength as we gain ours with the help of one another.

My name is Christianna. Empowering women and instilling leadership in women is something I feel very strongly about and what better way to reach as many women as possible now and in the future, than to help give girls today the foundations they need to inspire and influence the ones they meet as they grow through life.

I feel that I should back track a bit as to how I ended up with the opportunity to contribute to Dollz By Dezign, it was certainly an unexpected opportunity. I was visiting and meeting the women of The Rumble Dollz WC for the first time, to say I felt like I did not belong walking through the door is an understatement, to no one’s fault but my own. I only mention this to draw attention to two things:


Even though I try to be hyper aware of comparing and measuring myself to other women (individuality is a wonderful thing), I am surprised too often about the dialogue going on within my brain unchecked…until I listen in and affirm to myself, “Stop worrying about the things you cannot control” (I know this sounds corny, but I am still surprised weekly on how often I need to tell myself this).


How quickly my expectations, and whatever I was worrying about in my head, were shattered. Within 30 minutes of my arriving I was in conversation with a woman who was impressively passionate, had drive to help women and girls that not only matched but I felt exceeded mine. She shared with me numerous opportunities, connections and visions that added to the fire of wanting to help make change happen…As you may have guessed: Enter Skully into my life.
We spoke about this website, her efforts to contribute to, as it seemed to me, pretty much everyone she met… and I thought I was busy!! Skully wowed me, she was someone I certainly wanted to add as a resource, a partner, and a sister as I was finding my way to try to change the world, or should I say Redezign it. So I shared with her the business I had recently started working with.

It is a program designed to provide leadership and empowerment along with training to girls ages 6-14. The company was started by one of my friends a few years ago and as soon as I was able to commit, I got involved. The company is still young and while we reach more and more girls each series, we still have a lot of growing to do. Growing that will include more and more sponsorships to reach girls that can benefit to learn the morals and characteristics we strive to instil in our girls: positivity, kindness, strength, learning when to ask for help, and learning how to advocate for yourself.

We spoke about donation opportunities for new girls to join future series and Skully offered the opportunity to add to the community she was creating with this website. So here we are and I look forward to adding more to the dialogue created here by communicating stories, struggles, and successes of both myself and the girls I am able to impact. I would also like to speak again to the gratitude I feel for being realized as an ally to help women and girls and to help in the work “to Redezign the world we live in, contributing to everyone around us” (Skully).

Thank you for reading and investing your time.


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