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“Well behaved women rarely make history” is one of my favourite sayings of all time, and nothing could be truer, but it was something that took me years to realize what the term means and make it my daily mantra for living.

I was raised, as were many other women I know by old school values. Both my adoptive parents came over from Scotland in the late 1950’s along with my mother’s parents. The way my brother and I were raised was the way my parents were raised. Men were always the boss, even my brother, the little shit he was, ruled the roost. I was raised to cook, clean and be the perfect housewife, because that was how women were to be back than. Children only spoke when spoken to, you sat up straight, you ate all your dinner or it was sitting there for you in the morning. Have you ever eaten cold chicken noodle soup in the morning, well, it’s fucking disgusting!! Never talk back no matter whether you were right or wrong, family secrets were always kept behind closed doors because god forbid anyone knew and that strap always hung in the kitchen doorway.

I was always a quiet girl, very sheltered and naïve, but there has always been something in me no matter how many times I was told a girl shouldn’t act a certain way, I just wanted to fight back no matter the consequences.

Don’t get me wrong I always did what I was told. I obeyed the rules they put forth. Hell I was to scared not to, but even back than I never agreed with the “women can’t do that” belief that my father had. Let’s just say it took me a bit, but I was my fathers best helper when it came to the work he did and before he passed away he actually started looking forward to my next tattoo.

It took me awhile to be the fighter I am today and it was never easy. We give birth. We bleed. We work, we raise our children, etc., etc., etc…. As women we will always be the more emotional species. It’s the way we were built. Read the book “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus”, it’s true it’s in our DNA.
There are many women in history who have been fighting for years before I was even born. “On Oct. 18, 1929, women are finally declared “persons” under Canadian law. The historic legal victory is due to the persistence of five Alberta women”. How’s that for a fact, sad, but its how it was back than.

So I guess the point I am trying to get across is don’t let your history or your DNA define you. Be that woman that changes history. Be that woman to set an example for other women around you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to and being emotional should never be seen as a weakness, but as a strength because when it all comes down to it changes in history are done with heart…..

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