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First let me start out by telling you how I got this idea to start a website. Has anyone ever told you, your always in the right place at the right time, or that things always happen for a reason? Well I truly believe in this.

I could go way back to the day I was conceived. I won’t bore you with the details but I’ll take you back to I’ll say maybe 6 months ago. I was asked by my club to head our charitable organization, with the help of many of my sisters That lead to one idea after another in my head as to how we can raise funds for these organizations. It’s a passion of mine to help others. I’ve always been this way. To me helping just one person in life makes life worth living in my eyes and always will.

Anyway, so one day I’m on facebook and I see this post from a guy who is a member of a 1% MC club. Right away I was intrigued because he was raising funds for a sick child, and it drew my attention. So I followed his posts for the next month. This man didn’t stop, it seemed like every other day he was doing good things for people. I knew I wanted to meet him instantaneously and because of that I had a brilliant idea. What if I talk to this guy, tell him I admire what he does for others, and see if he would like to join forces for the greater good. People think I have nuts of steel when it comes to approaching people, well they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s one of those self-help things I’m always working on. I use to be shy, Really!! And for people who know me stop laughing. It’s true.

So I message buddy, and ask him to meet, and he said yes. See never be to afraid to ask anything, you get told no, you move on, and try again and he met with me that week. I went to where he worked, and holy crap he is busy, but gotta love him, he made time. He thought it was a great idea to work together to raise funds and hold events, but unfortunately, he was super busy at this time in his life. No wonder though, the man dedicates his life to helping others, but he did offer a great idea. See, ideas, there a wonderful thing. He suggested starting a monthly paper. This led to me meeting with one of the executives at the women’s shelter that I have met with in the past. She thought it was a great idea, but suggested maybe doing the paper over media, creating a website.

Anyway I won’t bore you with the rest of the details, but than everything just seemed to fall into place. And we now have the creation of Dollz by Dezign. Voila!!!.

So now that the idea is in my head and I’ve talked everybody’s ear off about it, and I find that all of the people I’ve been chatting it up with think it’s a fucking awesome idea as well and how can they help. This is where my bloggists, sponsors, the web designer, my club sisters and the men and women I ride with, friends, daughter, and my fiancé (poor guy, he’s now realizing once I set my mind to something look out, gotta love him) all come into play. They helped me build this, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart…

Now I will tell you the bigger reason why and what is contained within these cyber walls. BTW I’m like completely computer illiterate, well not now, it hasn’t been easy, but god knows I would have loved to throw this laptop a couple of times and I’m sure my web designer wants to strangle me by now.

The bigger reason behind this creation is many things. One, until a few years back I had a huge mistrust of women, but I find now, that I am learning who I really am, and letting my walls down, my heart is opening up to them and realize there wasn’t much there to mistrust, it was me. We won’t go into the why’s of that right now, that’s another bat time another bat channel. There are so many good women in the world I have realized, and completely surround my everyday living, each one of them I’ve met in the past few years, even women from the past I should have given the chance, all want the same thing, to be respected, be loved, be themselves, and we all believe being empowered and empowering other women is important. If you could help that one woman or one person have it better than you did, learn from the mistakes you made, wouldn’t you. If you could teach that one person you are not alone, or that life will get better. You just must keep hanging on and know, never give up, it will get better.

Two, if we gather together, as everyone on this site has, couldn’t we help and educate others but in a broader spectrum? The answer to this is simple, YES!! Couldn’t we raise awareness and funds for the charitable organizations. YES!!

Three, is because of the stigma we deal with in the motorcycle community, along with my brother’s and sister’s. Just because you choose two wheels instead of four, no matter whether you have a patch on your back or not, and who we do or do not associate with should, NEVER be judged. Our community will always be one of the first to help other’s and support good causes, and we are all real, everyday people. Ask yourself this, look around, look to the media, do the math,. Is it always the ones on two wheels committing the crimes, or driving like a maniac? I bet if you do your research, the percentile in badness increases for the opposition!!

So to wrap this up, this is my very first blog ever. My shrink said it was a good idea, I may like it. I do. I can write, and just be me. Remember how important that is, always. As for myself and for everyone else who contributes to the writing of this site, we all write as if we were speaking right in front of you, and each one is talented in there own style. It’s kind of why their picture isn’t on the main page. I want you to open their pages. I want you to discover their style, because of how they write. They are opening a part of them to the audience that is the real them, not the picture on the main screen, and we all want the same things, to help if not one person in our lives but many, be ourselves, and teach others life is good.

Inspire people….Live for today, not for yesterday or tomorrow…….and until my next blog….

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