Some thoughts as we land in Toronto from our Cancun trip. The Grass ain’t always greener lol

Funny you know that saying “the grass is greener on the other side”. I’m not so sure that statement is entirely true anymore.

So my friends, my band and I had this amazing 6 days in the beautiful Cancun Club Med Resort. Let me just start by saying it was stunning there. There was the main resort that we stayed in and then there was a section called Jade. Jade was exclusive for regular upperclass members. We all tried all week to go in Jade to see what the fuss was all about. We just wanted to see what was so special and different about the closed off Jade section.

We were told several times that we were not allowed in, but we also knew we would have a performance there sometime through the week.

The day finally came to go and perform in the all exclusive Jade section of Club Med. We were all super excited because now we could finally see what the fuss was all about.

We packed up our gear and the two extra guests (Family) that had come on the trip with the band.

We first arrived to Jade excited to perform. They had some nice cabanas and a infinity pool. Immediately we were told that out two guests could not stay. We begged the manager and finally they said they could stay. Then as we got up to perform we started to all feel like we didn’t even want to be there anymore.

Jade was not all it was cracked up to be and the mood was dark dreary and dull. As musicians this is not a good start to the show. But we started anyway because the show must go on. At first we were super quiet because we were nervous they wouldn’t appreciate the music we were playing and they made us all feel totally uncomfortable. Like we didn’t deserve to be there. We got told turn it up then turn down a couple times. But luckily after the 2nd song we started noticing the crowd was singing along. OMG what a relief that was.

That meant they liked what they heard. I think anyway lol. So we finished our set and then couldn’t wait to get out of there.

We packed up and on the way out a couple people stopped us to tell us they liked what they heard. The next day we performed in one of the clubs/ restaurant. We walked in and found people that we seen at Jade in the audience. Some had stayed at Jade previously and said it was not worth it and that this the regular side of the resort was better and way more fun. So we started the show and they loved us. It was amazing.

So I guess my point is just because we always seem to think its better on the other side of things., that doesn’t actually mean it’s true. The one place on this trip we tried so hard to get into ended up being the one place we couldn’t wait to leave.


So the lesson is simple , don’t assume someone’s life is better then yours just because it appears that way. That there job is better or easier. The closed off resort was not a happy place and just because others seem or look like they are happy doesn’t mean they are.

This was a important lesson to learn really. We had the most amazing time there with Jade or not. A trip I will never forget.

Jade = Jaded