What carried me through the good, bad, and even the ugliest times of my life, was the weapon I daily carry. My mind!

When people hear weapon, we all jump to guns, knives or whatever else there is.  My mind is a weapon. It’s a weapon everyone themselves carries daily and is even more powerful than any of what I listed above.

It is the most powerful weapon we have possession of. It’s so dangerous that our mind can put us in some of the most deadliest situations, which is where my eating disorder led too, a deadly investment.

I invested so much time using my mental weapon to bring me so low to the ground, rather than use it to my fullest of potentials. Feelings of watching a failing family. Always having to be an A+ student. Constantly making sure certain individuals were always so proud of me.

We are our own worst enemy and that’s bottom line of it. This was my form of control over my life, when I could control nothing else. This is why I grasped on to the things I felt I did have.

You control the trigger to your mind, so if your going to pull it, aim it at the challenges, life situations and at the things that will only help better yourself and allow you to grow. Turn yourself into a project and make yourself THE BEST version you can possibly be…

Until the next blog. Your the author to your life story.