This month I wanted to take the opportunity to share some interesting information that I stumbled upon in the Canada Moto Guide “Bike News” section. I will include the link below as I wanted to get some additional thoughts about the ideas presented in this article. The article brings up the fact that Toronto is currently considering legalizing motorcycle filtering/ lane splitting. The idea is that this will help ease congestion in the city by decreasing gridlock, it will help decrease the number of rear end and front end collisions, and overall create safety for bikes by getting them in and out of traffic quickly

The idea sounds good on paper. In the United States California already has this law in place. Once all motorists get use to the idea not only would it allow bikes to move freely at a red light up to the front of traffic but it would also stop 4 wheel driving motorist from having a reason to get upset with bikers who do



Toronto considering legalizing motorcycle filtering