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Skully Files

“Well behaved women rarely make history” is one of my favourite sayings of all time, and nothing could be truer, but it was something that took me years to realize what the term means and make it my daily mantra for living. I was raised, as were many other women I know by old school [...]

Beyond Our Streets RC

How Beyond Our Streets Started A Motorcycle Awareness Ride The Idea Like all events it always starts with an idea. In this case the idea was to be seen in tight formation parading across the 401 as a clear statement that motorcycles are, once again, out for the summer. As a crew the intent is [...]

The life of a Queen

I won’t give anyone permission to write my Biography simply because no one other than me can better relay my life story. Gear 2,3,4,5 cruising I present you my autobiography. Everyone knows “Queen” but few know where this name comes from. My older biological brother “KC” use to beat the crap out of young boys [...]

Dr. Jade

People ask me, why did I chose specifically “Eating Disorders” out of all things in medicine why that? I will tell you why, and how what I went through and worked on, gave me the successful story and career it has given me today. With many, issues are so deep rooted. Many believe and feel [...]

The Skully Files

First let me start out by telling you how I got this idea to start a website. Has anyone ever told you, your always in the right place at the right time, or that things always happen for a reason? Well I truly believe in this. I could go way back to the day I [...]