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Dr. Jade

What carried me through the good, bad, and even the ugliest times of my life, was the weapon I daily carry. My mind! When people hear weapon, we all jump to guns, knives or whatever else there is.  My mind is a weapon. It's a weapon everyone themselves carries daily and is even more powerful [...]


Have you ever got that feeling when you meet certain people, you were meant to cross each others path for a reason? Well this is the feeling I had gotten when I was introduced to Wayne and Marie Swinimer from The Rider’s Group about a year ago, so let me tell you why. I was [...]

Behind The Lines

The purpose again for Behind the Lines is for others to see no matter how hard your life is, there is always something to look forward to, life is good and never judge a book by it’s cover. I would like to introduce you to Sam otherwise known as "Sam I Am", within the MC [...]

Beyond Our Streets RC

  Why the choice of name? Within the motorcycle community there are many crews and varying structures among these crews. BOS decided to go with a name that, as service oriented riders and people, we felt we could fully embody. The crew wanted to have a connection within ourselves and within our communities that was […]


Beyond the pain Living with fibromyalgia caused by PTSD isn’t what I had expected to go through at the age of 41. I thought I would be as active as ever. Especially since I’ve had a passion for everything. Participating in fitness and sports from a very young age. Training was part of my daily [...]